Puppy In My Pocket

Puppy In My Pocket® is the adorable line of pocket-sized pets that girls around the world love to care for and collect. First introduced in 1993, Puppy In My Pocket® has withstood the test of time. With their realistic features and soft, fuzzy coats, Puppy In My Pocket ® appeals to every child who dreams of owning their very own pet! And the brand’s sweet simplicity resonates with parents of young kids everywhere—especially those parents who owned and loved Puppy In My Pocket® toys when they were little. Each puppy has a unique name and Personality Profile, based on real puppy traits, making them even more authentic and relatable—a distinct part of the brand’s appeal. Puppy lovers can choose from over 140 different breeds in 3 different sizes–there are more than 650 puppies in all! The toy line includes individual pups, families, play sets and accessories, like purses and miniature puppies that attach to sparkly jewelry and hair ornaments!

Fans Around The World Love Our Puppies

Puppy In My Pocket’s worldwide popularity has extended into entertainment with “Adventures In Pocketville,” a 52-episode animated series, co-produced with Mondo TV and Giochi Preziosi. The series debuted in 2010 and is still running today on various platforms. In 2016, MEG produced 20 two-minute Puppy In My Pocket® webisodes, now running on YouTube and other social media– kids love ‘em and are asking for more!

A Wealth Of Creative Assets

An extensive library of creative assets is available for Puppy In My Pocket®, including character art with those lovable “puppy dog eyes” that puppy fans can’t resist. Plus Puppy Profiles, animation art, music, photos and more!


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“Puppy In My Pocket Intro & Puppy Hotel”

“Puppy In My Pocket – Relaunch”
M.E.G./Play Along

Puppy In My Pocket “Pocketville Hospital”

Puppy In My Pocket “Where’d Ya Put Em Now?”
M.E.G./Play Along

Puppy In My Pocket “Puppy Playhouse”
M.E.G./Play Along

Puppy In My Pocket “Pretty Pet Palace”
M.E.G./Play Along

Puppy In My Pocket – “What’s New?”
M.E.G./Jakks Pacific

Puppy In My Pocket “Puppyville Manor” Playset
M.E.G./Jakks Pacific

Puppy In My Pocket “Fashion Academy”
M.E.G./Play Along

Puppy In My Pocket “Which One Will You Get?”
M.E.G./Just Play

Puppy In My Pocket “Feed ‘N Care Puppies”
M.E.G./Flair/Giochi Preziosi

Cuccioli Cerca Amici “Magico Pannolino”
M.E.G./GIG Toys

Puppy In My Pocket “Where’d You Put The Puppies?”
M.E.G./PlayAlong Toys

Puppy In My Pocket “Adventures In Pocketville”

Puppy In My Pocket Webisode Compilation
M.E.G./Just Play