Project Description

Scent Stars

Scent Stars is the female equivalent to Stink Blasters, except they smell nice! Collectible dolls combine all the things that young girls love: fragrance, fashion and fun. And these adorable dolls are even cuter as Scent Star Wearables –miniature versions that attach to fashion accessories and jewelry.

Wear ’em!  Share ’em!

An extensive library of creative assets is available including unique artwork, Personality Profiles and more! Please feel free to flesh this out with additional sell copy so the height of the column comes closer to approximating the vertical height of the column on the right (not mandatory, but would balance a bit better design-wise).



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Scent Stars – Series 1 Introduction
TOMY | May 2004

Scent Stars Wearables
TOMY | June 2005

Baby Profumelle (Italy)
GiG Toys | May 2005

Scent Stars “Scent Salon” Playset
TOMY | May 2006