Project Description


D-D-D-Dudes® is a line of cool figures that you can collect and play as a game. But D-D-D-Dudes is also an awesome app with a bunch of interactive features that let YOU “Be A Dude.” Take off their hats and play’ em like dice. Or scan the QR code to unlock app features and open up the World of Dudes for tons of fun. Choose your Dude, take your picture and you become part of the app, lookin’ just like a Dude.

And that’s only the BEGINNING!

Rap like a Dude with the Dude’s lyrics or write and record your own. Upload and share your video with the world, then sharpen your trash talking skills with the Dudes Talk Back feature. Dude, this is one app you won’t be able to put down!


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D-D-D-Dudes Sizzle
Promo Spot

D-D-D-Dudes Tutorial

D-D-D-Dudes – Backwards Hat Rap
Rap Sample

D-D-D-Dudes – Bikers Rap
Rap Sample

D-D-D-Dudes – Spike Punk Rap
Rap Sample

D-D-D-Dudes – D.J. Morpheus Rap
Rap Sample

D-D-D-Dudes – Reggae Jimmy Rap
Rap Sample

D-D-D-Dudes – O.K. Slim Cowboy Rap
Rap Sample