Project Description


In early 1996, MEG entered into a partnership with Corinthian Marketing Ltd. UK to form Corinthian Marketing US and obtained the licenses from the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL for collectible sports figures with large heads and a very realistic look. The brand was called HEADLINERS and grew to become a highly collectible and sought-after program. After two very successful years at all major US retailers, Corinthian US was sold to Equity Marketing.

Sports & Collectibles: A Winning Combination

MEG has reacquired the HEADLINERS trademark and the brand will be re-launched with the MLB license in 2021. HEADLINERS appeals to sports fans, kids and and collectors from age 6 to 60 and are a great source of bonding between generations. HEADLINERS figures are still traded on e-Bay after their launch almost 25 years ago!

A library of creative assets is available with opportunities to create more with today’s sports stars.


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Headliners “Home Run”

Headliners “One-On-One”

Headliners “Going To The Hole”