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subhead_red_wannaD-D-D-Dudes® is a line of cool figures that you can collect and play as a game. But D-D-D-Dudes is also an awesome app with a bunch of interactive features that let YOU “Be A Dude.” Take off their hats and play’ em like dice. Or scan the QR code to unlock app features and open up the World of Dudes for tons of fun. Choose your Dude, take your picture and you become part of the app, lookin’ just like a Dude. That’s only the beginning!  Rap like a Dude with the Dude’s lyrics or write and record your own. Upload and share your video with the world, then sharpen your trash talking skills with the Dudes Talk Back feature. Dude, this is one app you won’t be able to put down!

subhead_meetdudesChoose the Dude you wanna be – From Rapper to Reggae, each one’s got a rhyme that’s truly sublime. Click on each character to hear his story.

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D’Wayne B – Rapper Dude

caption here

OK Slim – Cowboy Dude

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Spike – Punk Dude

Morpheus - DJ Dude

Morpheus – DJ Dude

Sonny - Biker Dude

Sonny – Biker Dude

Jimmy - Reggae Dude

Jimmy – Reggae Dude


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Your face, your voice, your rap, your own video to upload and share! And you can talk back to the Dudes, too!! Learn more about each awesome feature below.

D’Wayne B., OK Slim, Sonny the Biker, DJ Morpheus, Spike or Jimmy—Pick your favorite Dude or try ‘em all!

Take your picture, insert the photo, then watch your face lip sync the Dude’s rap!

thumb_screen_rap thumb_screen_customize
Record your voice with each Dude’s lyrics or make up your own rhyme and record to a Dude’s cool soundtrack—Dude, you’re rapping like a pro!
You want bling and shades? How about a mustache??? A goatee? No problem, Dude! Bring it on, there’s lots to choose from!!
thumb_screen_share  thumb_screen_talk
Once you’re finished with your video, upload and share your Dude ‘tude with friends and family online. Challenge your friends! Impress your enemies!
Talk back to a Dude! Trade insults and putdowns—If you’re fast on your feet with a smart remark, you’ll talk like a Dude in no time!

Dudes is a line of cool looking figures, with 24 to collect in the first series. But take off their hats and they become something more: A great game and the access point to an awesome app. Toss them like dice in the Dudes Challenge. With a little luck and lots of skill, you can rack up points and nail your opponents. See game details below.  Scan the QR code to unlock more features in the Dudes app, once you’ve downloaded. Dudes toys are coming to a store near you and will also be available for purchase online. Check back soon for further details!




For quick and easy answers to most app related questions, make sure to click on the “HELP” button located inside the DUDES app itself.  Below are answers to some common questions which may also be of assistance.

My Face always looks funny under the hat – and my mouth is in the wrong place …how can I make it look better?
When you line-up your face to take a picture, make sure to align the two red lines within the purple circles with your eyes and very carefully line up the red lines in the green circle with your mouth. Don’t smile— the lip sync animation works best with a closed, non-smiling mouth. You may have to try it a couple of times, but practice makes perfect! Also see the “HELP” section of the app for more tips on how to take the best picture.

I want to upload one of my saved videos but I can only upload the most recent one.
That is correct.  If you want to upload or keep a video you must upload it before you make any more videos.  One way to save is to e-mail the video to yourself and when you receive it – you can ‘SAVE AS’  a video anywhere you like – it is better to give it a new file name and the file extension .mp4 or .mov.

The music is too loud in my recording and I can’t hear my voice. What should I do?
There are two solutions: #1  is RAP LOUDER!  #2- If you can’t do that, then the first time you play back your recorded video, you can move the slider switch at the bottom of the screen to the left to lower the volume of the  music soundtrack in the mix.

I don’t have a YouTube channel. How can I upload to YouTube?
When you push the YouTube button, the app will ask you for your YouTube channel information – If you don’t have an account, then it will give you a chance to subscribe and set up a free YouTube account.  If you don’t want to do this then either: 1. Use a friend or parent’s account and enter that information OR 2. Send the video to yourself via e-mail (see above). Save it on your device or computer, then you can upload that file to YouTube in the usual way.

How do I get extra points?
You can get points from scanning the QR Codes under the hats on the D-D-D-Dudes® toys OR you can purchase points through the app. Go to “MY STUFF” on the app and click on the green star that says “GET DUDE POINTS!” For more details, you can also go to the “HELP” section of the app.


If you still don’t see the answer you’re looking for and need more help, you can fill out the form below or e-mail your question to us at: